Air conditioner quits on the day of wedding ceremony rehearsal

My oldest daughter Susan was getting married in just two days. As her mom, I was so happy for her. My husband and I started the week by getting everything ready for the ceremony and reception. Because of the size of our house and property, Susan had decided to hold the event at our childhood home. We’d been working on the house, gardens and law for the last six months. Now it was time to decorate. My husband and I asked our parents over to help with the set up. After we got everything completed, the house looked just beautiful! Everything was just perfect and we were happy. We went to bed that night thinking the hard part was over. We definitely needed to get some sleep because the following day was the wedding rehearsal. We had lunch the next day and started getting ready. My husband and I noticed the house was starting to feel a little overheated and clammy. Our A/C system had quit running which was not a good sign. My husband checked the thermostat batteries and couldn’t get the air conditioner to start up. So I called an HVAC contractor for help. When I heard it would be the next day before they could not send out an HVAC tech for repair, I was upset. We couldn’t go without a working cooling unit with guests arriving soon! I tried another HVAC company and explained the situation. They assured me they would send a technician right away. The house was quickly getting really overheated and uncomfortable. With temperatures in the eighties and the A/C component not turning on, we were in trouble. The HVAC professional showed up within twenty minutes and was able to resolve the issue in less than a half-hour. This cooling system repair consisted of some cleaning of the inner workings.


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