Air cooling is all terrible

My family and I grew up in the southwest, on a 200 acre cattle farm, both of us grew up with pigs, cattle, chickens, and lots of room to roam; My brothers and I always helped our Mom in the kitchen, i loved when Mom cooked liver and onions. It was always our favorite dish, however she made liver and mashed potatoes and garlic dusted brussel sprouts. I still appreciate the taste of liver and onions today, but it leaves a terrible smell in the house, periodically the smell of liver and onions will linger in our house for days. I finally realized the best way to get rid of that smell. It’s going to sound truly strange, but it’s a easy complicated process of manipulating our HVAC ventilation system, and first, I leave the HVAC ventilation fan running over the stove for a few hours before I start making liver and onions, next, I place an odor-free dryer sheet inside of the space where our air filter rests. I placed the dryer sheet on the bottom of the air filter, so the air flow keeps it in the right place. For some reason, it seems as if the dryer sheet collects the odors as they pass through the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. I also use the HVAC ventilation fan for the attic, however with all of those areas covered, I can keep the house liver and onion odor free. It seems like a lot of work to use all of the HVAC ventilation components, but our liver and onions is well worth the price in the end.

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