Air duct cleaning for the condo in preparation for the next guests

It was almost the holiday season plus being an owner of an Airbnb meant making all necessary preparations for potential guests.

Making a nice first impression plus a lasting a single is key in this line of business.

A ecstatic customer was nice for dealer because there is a high chance they would be a repeat customer. There was already a family of 3 who had booked it for a whole month plus they would be arriving in two weeks. I contacted an HVAC provider for an A/C maintenance plan. The HVAC professional would also need to do an air duct cleaning, this would be the first since the HVAC replacement was done several years ago. The condo is in the mountains plus I had previously never thought to look into acquiring any air quality systems for the lake house because it is in a serene arena free from most of the pollution plus hence an air cleaner would not be necessary. But I recently bought an media air cleaner from the local homeowner solutions dealer for the peace of mind of the families that would be renting the arena. The condo has an HVAC zone control system that takes care of temperature control, combined with the duct cleaning that would be done by the HVAC tech would greatly improve indoor air pollen levels plus comfort. In truth, if a single was staying at the condo it would be advisable to spend as much time as possible outside. The lands are breathtaking plus it would be a shame if a single chose to spend most of their time inside the condo but with a clean air duct, the air inside will be as nice as the a single outside.


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