Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

It wasn’t too long ago that I thought nothing about the air I breathe inside my house.

While the air quality outdoors often garnered my attention, the inside air didn’t raise a blip on my radar.

I installed a whole house air purifier in my HVAC air handler some years ago. It has done a great job of reducing allergens and other bad stuff in the household air. I figured that was all I needed. I was wrong. There were rodent droppings showing up in nearly every area of the house. But, they were showing up in the most conspicuous places. It took me a few days to realize that the rodent dropping were falling from the vents in the ceiling. An immediate call was placed to the exterminator who informed me that my air ducts were infested with rodents. Apparently, they were able to slip into the gaps in the duct sections because they had sagged and broken the seals. As soon as I had the rodent problem eradicated I called the heating and cooling folks. They sent out a crew to thoroughly clean all the air ducts throughout my home. I was impressed by their attention to detail. But, I was repulsed by the amount of crud that came out of my duct system. Once the ducts were cleaned, they resealed all of the joints to prevent this from happening again. They also suggested I get someone out to completely seal the perimeter of the attic to help mitigate the rodents getting in at all. I guess the lesson is it takes more than just an air purifier to keep the air clean in your home. You got to get those ducts cleaned as well!


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