Air Filters are a huge HVAC expense

I don’t think there is anyone who can honestly say that they love the time from November through March, in our area.

The steady change from cool weather to being downright cold, windy and snowy is not my favorite part of the season.

I also have allergies, which makes it even more difficult. The leaves are beginning to mold beneath the snow and I need to have the air filters changed often. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t need special air filters because of my air purification system. Most people change their air filters once a month, but depending on how I am feeling and what the weather is like, I often change my air filters every other week. The air filters I have are special air filters which means they also come at a special price and that is a very expensive price. I thought that I would just buy the air filters in bulk, but if I can’t afford two air filters a month, there is no way I can buy an entire case, I have air filters for the heating and air conditioning and now I buy air filters for the air purification system. I talked to the HvAC company and we talked about my getting a service contract on my HVAC system. I also added an additional add-on that would be to include the air filters and an HVAC tech to come in and change the air filters. If someone were to change the air filters for me I wouldn’t need to worry about the dust from the air filters getting into my lungs.



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