Air purifiers are important to have in hospitals

I have worked as an ICU nurse for many years, and it truly doesn’t get easier overtime.

I used to come home crying after almost every shift when I first started at the hospital, and I figured that overtime I would get used to the pain.

No matter how hard I try, I find myself creating an emotional connection, but for some reason I continue to work there. I’ve become oddly obsessed with making sure all the patients are comfortable with the temperature and air quality. I learned overtime that many patients would suffer or feel worse than they needed to because the temperature on the floor was either too hot or too humid. I convinced our floor manager to have a dehumidifier installed. After the humidity dissipated, I still realized that the air felt dusty, so I asked if they could install an air purifier. I was so shocked to see how many of the patients improved once they were breathing in higher quality air. I truly believe that of all the units in the hospitals, the ICU should be the one to have the highest air quality. The patients there are really suffering and sensitive to pollutants, so having a proper HEPA filter is important for their health and safety. After seeing such a dramatic difference in the patients, I convinced the hospital administration to upgrade all of the air filters in the hospital. I know sometimes I can be a bit controlling over really random things, but I really do care about the patients, and I want them to have a comfortable experience should this be their last days here.

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