Air quality a problem when traveling

I entirely care about to travel to new locales, experience weird cultures and see weird sites, but every year, I save up for a trip to a new location. I’ve been to Iceland, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Hawaii, Spain and Germany. The worst section of these holidays is the actual travel. I consistently schedule my trips over the winter. I need to get up truly early in the morning, brush the snow off my vehicle and let the furnace run to defrost the windshield. I’m forced to bundle up in heavy boots, wool coat and jackets because of temperatures below chilly. I make the hour drive to the airport and then just about freeze to death while I drag my suitcase across the huge parking lot. Once I make it inside the airport terminal, I immediately begin to sweat. The heating system is consistently blasting from overhead vents. I remove my coat and extra layers of jackets and stuff them into my suitcase. I then wait an hour in the hot airport to finally board the plane. Because I don’t want to need to use the washroom during the flight, I dehydrate myself. I normally end up with a exhausting headache. Along with dehydration, I blame exhausting air quality. The stinks in the airport are a problem. There’s tons of people wearing perfumes, sneezing and coughing. There’s consistently pets adding dander to the mix. Then I finally board the plane and beginning shivering. They blast cool air the entire flight. I make sure to turn off the overhead vent, however it doesn’t make much of a difference, but with a layover and hour flight to my endpoint, I got through the process of covered in sweat and then chilly all over again. It’s such a relief to arrive at my hotel and have control over a temperature control.
Cooling technician