All alone

My roommate and I get along really well and have lived together for years.

The only issue I have is that he never leaves the apartment.

I am frequently leaving for work, the gym, or to visit our parents up north, but my roommate works totally from home and never has any reason to leave our place. Occasionally it would be nice to have the place totally to myself. I am finally going to get that chance. My roommate has to fly to a beach lake house for a wedding. He is going to be gone a single night and I am so excited. I already have my whole day planned out. I am going to get up early and blast music for my workout inside. I am going to make an elaborate dinner that I don’t have to share. I will also scrub the place top to bottom. I don’t have to worry about him tracking dirt all over the house or messing it up. Finally, I will be able to watch what I want on TV. I plan to watch a television show that features only hot men in it. I plan to turn the heat up as well as just bundle up for a long marathon because I never get to do these things. My roommate is constantly on me to set the thermostat reasonably so the two of us can save on bills, but with him gone, all bets are off with temperature control. I am finally going to enjoy heavy heating for once. It will only be for a single day, but I will enjoy the heck out of it.

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