All of our customers are angry and I’m not happy either

Unfortunately, none of the links on the contact page worked.

Several months ago, I decided to hire a marketing firm to help us reach more customers online. My wife and I have had our own small business for six years, and things have been very slow lately. We rarely get calls for furnace repairs or installations, and our busiest time of the year is the summer. We provide numerous services to the public including A/C repair services, ducting services, and ventilation cleaning. During the Spring of this year, my wife and I decided to hire a marketing firm to create a website and help us with Internet advertising. My wife knew a little bit about marketing, but she was struggling to input all of the information to our website. We were using one of those web design programs that only allow you to change certain things. She was becoming increasingly frustrated over the days. The marketing firm fixed all of the website problems in a few hours, and then they spent a few weeks working on the rest of our website. Everything looked great in the end and we were excited for the final webpage to go live. Unfortunately, none of the links on the contact page worked. My wife and I didn’t even realize the problem until several of our heating and air conditioning customers called to complain. We spent a lot of money on the Internet advertising, and I was very unhappy that none of the links work properly. Luckily, once we called the internet specialists, they fixed the issue in less than 30 seconds. They apologized for the issues and offered to make us a new logo for free.

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