All of the desert dust caused a major blockage in the AC

My wife & I have been traveling across the country. For the past multiple weeks we have been living in the desert. The weather is legitimately boiling & it has been windy on several of the afternoons. The people I was with and I have used the A/C unit far more frequently than we ever have in the past. Some of afternoons ago, our wife & I woke up & the temperature inside of our RV was 76°. The A/C unit was running, however I could not assume any frosty air coming out of the vent. I tried to concernshoot the system, however I could not figure out why the A/C unit was not working properly. I did not want to wait around all morning until I called a professional, so I decided to call someone as soon as I knew we had a problem. I had to call a contractor that specializes in A/C unit in RVs. Thankfully, the price was legitimately cheaper than the professional Heating & A/C contractor was going to charge. A single girl in a work truck came right to our spot to look at the A/C unit. The girl was a young professional & she was legitimately friendly & helpful, then she told myself and others that the desert dust caused a blockage in the AC. She did not seem to think that it was an uncorrect problem. In fact, she provided myself and others a few suggestions on ways to split down on the dust. She cleaned & inspected the A/C unit. She provided myself and others her card & told us to call again if we needed any other help with our RV or vehicle.

New contractor