All of the desert dust caused a major blockage in the AC

My wife and I have been traveling across the country.

For the past three weeks we have been living in the desert. The weather is very warm and it has been windy on many of the days. We have used the AC unit far more frequently than we ever have in the past. A couple of days ago, my wife and I woke up and the temperature inside of our RV was 82°. The AC unit was running, but I could not feel any cold air coming out of the vent. I tried to troubleshoot the system, but I could not figure out why the AC unit was not working properly. I didn’t want to wait around all day until I called a professional, so I decided to call someone as soon as I knew we had a problem. I had to call a company that specializes in AC equipment in RVs. Thankfully, the price was actually cheaper than the professional HVAC company was going to charge. A single guy in a work truck came right to our spot to look at the AC unit. The guy was a young professional and he was very friendly and helpful. He told me that the desert dust caused a blockage in the AC. He didn’t seem to think that it was an unusual problem. In fact, he gave me a few suggestions on ways to cut down on the dust. He cleaned and serviced the AC unit. He gave me his card and told us to call again if we needed any other help with our RV or vehicle.

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