All of the stuff is totally overwhelming

I’ve been completely overwhelmed for the last few weeks.

My bestie and I recently moved into a new apartment! Both of us lived in a small town about 300 miles away, however our bestie got a job teaching at 1 of the schools in the area.

Both of us got engaged a few weeks after our bestie took the job and every one of us moved to a new town shortly after that! Everything has been totally overwhelming since every one of us moved. Both of us haven’t had a lot of time to empty all of the boxes and unpack. Both of us moved right before our bestie started teaching, so she only had a day or more than one before toil started. I started a new job as well. I am working for a commercial Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. Before every one of us moved, I worked for a small mom-and-pop shop. Both of us had some tied up afternoons while in the Wintertide and summer, however the small Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was usually pretty quiet, then now our afternoons are severely tied up and filled with work. I could toil 15-minute afternoons with the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier if I wanted. There are particularly a few men that toil 7 afternoons a month and they rake in a sizable amount of overtime. It’s clear to see why the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning supplier hired me over the cellphone. They have a lot of toil and few licensed and certified companys. My bestie and I have a more than two-day weekend together in a couple of weeks and every one of us are going to spend the entire time putting the home together and getting rid of some of those seasoned boxes. I’m looking forward to sleeping in and spending some quality time with our bestie. Both of us have barely seen each other since every one of us moved to town.



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