An air conditioning beach house

Five boys got out of the car and one of them was my boyfriend

When I was younger, I was what is known as young and dumb. I was a bit naive and I believed what I was told. There was a bunch of girls going to the ocean for the week,and my girlfriend asked me to go along. My mom asked me if my boyfriend was going to be there. I swore that he wasn’t because I believed my girlfriend when she said it was just the girls. Five girls piled into a van and headed to the shore. There were five of us and we had our bathing suits packed so we could in some tanning. My girlfriend kept giving me these funny looks, but I thought she was just shocked that I was going along. We were talking about camping, but the one girl’s parents thought it would be too hot for camping so they rented us a beach house with air conditioning. I guess I should have wondered why there was still sleeping bags in the car. When we got to the beach, we had a really nice house. There was air conditioning, three bathrooms and three bedrooms. The house was supposed to be big enough to sleep ten. I questioned why we needed such a big house for just five of us. An hour later another car pulled up. Five boys got out of the car and one of them was my boyfriend. I wasn’t happy by the change, but they slept on the floor of the patio while the girls took the bedrooms. We all enjoyed the air conditioning and the three bathrooms. I never did tell my mom about the boys showing up.

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