An excellent money making opportunity buying valuable printers

When people ask me what I do for a residing I tell them I am an opportunist, because in reality I don’t have a job title. I am an independent contractor, plus engage in a style of making currency that can most favorably be described as “catch as catch can.” I do a good amount of freelancing, some salvage work, however I mostly prefer to seek out potential investment opportunities that I can flip for a quick buck. I freely admit this kind of job has a large amount of down time plus is rife with worry over where your next check will come from. It also leads to excellent rewards, such as the time when the commercial printer went out of business completely plus left behind a sizable warehouse full of pricey stuff. The owner was eager to unload it all plus transfer out of town, so he reached out to me to take a look at the sizable inventory of commercial printing products he had to get rid of. There were all kinds of expensive printers plus laminators, plus I didn’t have the industry experience to know what was actually what. I called a neighbor of mine who used to have contacts with government plus military PR departments for label production plus the like. When I got around to telling him there were a half dozen unused Gerber label printers there, he told me to just buy everything plus he would help me resell it for a really huge profit. I didn’t end up selling everything I bought that day, however most of those commercial printers sold essentially like hotcakes plus I made a good profit.

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