An Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade that went wrong

My parents had sold their condo and moved to one that had less square footage. The three of us, my brothers, and I were worried to see the beach house we all grew up in being sold but we knew it was necessary since all of us had moved out and it was just the two of them now. A smaller beach house meant less room to heat and therefore less energy to heat the whole house. They had contacted an Heating and Air Conditioning provider and replaced to an Heating and Air Conditioning zone control system that was not just wonderful for temperature control it also saved energy or at least it was meant to. After a while, they noticed that their energy bill kept increasing and they could not locale a finger on what was the culprit for the spiking energy bill. A buddy of theirs recommended them to contact a homeowners solutions business to have their Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade checked, when the Heating and Air Conditioning professional came he did a thorough check and noticed some leaks on the Heating and Air Conditioning duct. The Heating and Air Conditioning tech had not done the upgrade properly and the vents were not properly sealed. Due to this incompetence, a duct cleaning had to be done after the leaks were sealed. The HVAC duct cleaning would improve indoor air pollen levels even though they already had an media air cleaner. An media air cleaner is one of the air quality systems they had insisted on when they moved to that modern house. Despite that disadvantage, they had settled pretty well in their modern condo and they were romantic every bit of it. They could not wait to show off their pool to their grandkids.

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