An HVAC tech who had been drinking a tad too drunk on the job

I was looking forward to receiving a new air purification system.

I was reading a certain article when I came across different types of air quality systems and how they improved indoor comfort and from then on I was convinced that buying one was a good idea to improve air quality.

I had to be at work in the afternoon so I had asked the homeowner solutions company to deliver it in the morning and it was already eleven and no sign of an HVAC tech or an HVAC provider track anywhere. Some minutes to midday I heard a knock on the door and lucky for me it was the HVAC professional with the air purifier. He was also to service the HVAC zone control system since it was already time for its annual maintenance and there was also a leak in the HVAC duct that needed to be sealed. So I left him to get to work but before I left I asked him if that was alcohol smelt because I was almost sure that the guy was drunk. The guy told me yes and showed me a bottle of what he claimed to be ethyl alcohol that he used for electrical contact cleaning. I did not want to get into an argument about it so I left. After they were done I saw them loading some equipment in their van and on inquiry I was told they were used for duct cleaning. I had not asked for air duct cleaning and I was not going to pay for something I had not asked for. His drunk state must have brought the confusion because as far as I was concerned My HVAC installation was doing a good job in temperature control and it did not need that.

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