An internal thermostat

Lately, I have been trying to lose weight.  My doctor gave me a list of foods I should be eating in order to get my metabolism working a bit faster and to help with the cravings.  My major craving is sweets, and I find it hard to resist. Trust me, the ‘just say no’ does not apply when it comes to a chocolate chip cookie cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate pudding and crushed Andes candies on top.  That is something I look at and think ‘just give me a fork’. I really want to just say no, but it doesn’t always work that way. Last night I forgot to say no and I said a great big, ‘Hell, YES!’. I dug into that cake. Today I was wishing I hadn’t eaten the cake.  My stomach was upset and I was feeling like I had been on a binge the night before. Fortunately, the other foods I had been eating, took over. I could feel my body warming up. Next thing I knew, I felt like I was going through menopause. It was 14 degrees outside, and I was sweating.  My thermostat was still set at sixty-five. My furnace was running nearly all of the time, and I told my husband to turn the thermostat down. He looked at me like I was a mad woman. He began to laugh and told that was what I got for gorging on chocolate chip cookie cake. As the sweating ended and my body temperature went back to normal, I was once again my old chilly self.