An oil furnace is cheaper month to month compared to purely electric heat

I’m still getting used to living in my new house. I had to abruptly move across the country last month after my stepfather suffered from a stroke. My mom passed away last year and he is unfortunately on his own, and his children from his previous marriage weren’t able to uproot their lives to take care of him. I ended up buying a house down the street from his since he doesn’t have a spare bedroom. My days are spent working and taking care of my ill stepfather. It hasn’t been an easy transition to say the least. What little friends I had back home I had to leave behind. Although my job is remote, I miss having the freedom to work in the office some weeks if I needed to talk with my boss about my current projects. But I’m thinking more about my step father and the help he needs rather than my inconveniences. Plus, my new house isn’t half bad. I have a nice backyard and my dog absolutely loves the space he now has to run and play. It makes me happy to see him happier, especially since our last place had the small yard imaginable. I also like the HVAC system in this house opposed to my last one. This one features a heat pump for air conditioning purposes and an oil furnace for extreme winter weather. It’s a cheaper heat pump that doesn’t work well in temperatures below 30 degrees, which is when the oil furnace kicks in. Between the two, they make an extremely energy efficient heating and cooling system. I know the oil furnace alone is a lot more powerful and energy efficient than my old electric furnace. The heat pump is leaps and bounds ahead of my old split style air conditioning system.
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