An overhead light

I live in a state with undoubtedly long, frigid, as well as snowy winter time seasons.  With temperatures down to fifteen below zero, I hide inside my nicely heated house. The winter time occasionally lasts up to 14 straight weeks.  It’s the perfect time to clean our beautiful oft from top to bottom. I try to clean light fixtures, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, moldings as well as even shampoo the rugs when I can.  I launder the bed linens, curtains, as well as all of the tablecloths. Last December, I was up balancing on the ladder in the kitchen, diligently washing the overhead light, when I started getting covered in sweat.  I realized that the room temperature was around 10 degrees higher up near the ceiling. The heated air from the oil furnace was rising straight up as well as leaving the space near the floor feeling much colder. This was really causing much higher thermostat settings, putting greater strain on the gas furnace, as well as leading to higher quarterly energy bills.  Unsure of how to combat this problem, I did some heavy research online. I ended up studying all about the varying benefits of ceiling fans. There are a wide range of sizes, prices, as well as a multitude of styles of ceiling fans; and finally, I was able to handle the upgrade on our own. As the fan circulates, it works by pushing the heat back toward the floor, greatly improving comfort.  Since implementing ceiling fans, I’ve been able to lower the thermostat setting by several degrees. The savings on our energy bills should recover the cost of purchasing of the fans within two years. In the summer months, I’ll reverse the rotation of the fan blades to push the hotter air up as well as out, reducing the workload of the air conditioning system.