And now we need to put HVAC into the addition.

She had two separate systems

Mom and dad had been talking about putting an addition onto the house, for as long as I could remember. They wanted more space so they could have parties. They also wanted another bedroom so my daughter could stay with them while she was in school. They ended up with an added living room that was made just for entertaining. They would be in a large suite for my daughter that had its own bathroom and an additional half bath for when they had guests. I had to admit that the new part of the house was absolutely stunning, and my daughter was going to be more than happy with her suite, since she had a sitting area, her own large bathroom and a walk-in closet. They had a built-in study corner and there were bookshelves and a hidden entertainment center. It was also well insulated so mom and dad wouldn’t hear her music at night. They had an intercom so they could talk to her and she to them. The only thing they hadn’t thought about was the HVAC system. The HVAC contractor told them their HVAC system was not large enough to accommodate another 2000 square foot of living area. He told them they would need to either put in a new HvAC system for that area, or go with a ductless HVAC for the area. Mom loved the ductless HVAC system. She had two separate systems. One for the bedroom and baths and one for the living room. She told them she also wanted Zone Control so she could save on the energy bills.

Zone controlled HVAC