Ankle deep in fallen leaves

I was trying to find a solution to my dilemma.

I live in a beautiful forest clearing and our home fits nicely to the surrounding scenery.

However, with all of those beautiful trees, come lots and lots of leaves. Especially with fall, I was having piles upon piles of leaves that went ankle deep, it was insane! While I could do what everyone does and rake them up, the leaves were falling at a faster rate than I could rake. It didn’t help that I had recently gotten a new job that has been taking up most of my time, now that I work longer hours, which further allows the leaves to build up on the ground. Even though the leaves building up in my yard are a big issue, that’s really not my greatest problem, my greatest problem is when the leaves fall into the air conditioner device and sticks and debris, then this causes my heating and air conditioning device to work less efficiently, make weird noises and need to be cleaned out more often. I thought a heating and air conditioning cover might do the trick, so I started looking for some online for sale. I saw plenty that work for my air conditioning system unit, but some of them surprised me, some of the air conditioner device covers completely covered the top of the air conditioning system top, which would make me think it would be cutting off air flow. But if it was for sale and for an air conditioning system unit, then it should be ok. But I still couldn’t help but to worry anyways, so I did a bit of studying, and it turns out that not all heating and air conditioning covers are nice for your cooling machine, and some could cause your air conditioning system machine to overheat. Instead, I went with a heating and air conditioning cover that was made of mesh, and I didn’t have any problems.
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