Dogs and cats are the most common pets and for good reason.

Dogs make you feel like a king or queen.

You can feed them scraps off the table and they beg for more. Some dogs will even grab their leash to “invite” their owners to a stroll in the park. Cats seem aloof but they cannot resist a warm lap. Other pets like rabbits, hamsters, and turtles demonstrate their “love” for us in unusual ways, usually a behavior to get food. Given the chance, these other pets will try to escape their little cages for the outside world. Some pets like “Arnold the Pig” or “Mr. Ed”, the talking horse, became famous. Leona Helmsley’s dog inherited a small fortune valued at around $12 million. I never gave fish much credit as pets, they swim back and forth in their tanks and seem oblivious to the outside world. That all changed when I observed my HVAC technician performing his semi-annual cleaning and maintenance on our central HVAC unit. His work was the equivalent to changing the water in an aquarium. Filters had to be cleaned or replaced, the slime on the tank walls was like the grime from the ductwork. There was a small thermostat that controlled the water temperature that looked a lot like my HVAC thermostat. But most of all, fish seem happier in a freshly cleaned aquarium tank just like I breathe easier with a recently cleaned HVAC system. I’m just happy that my wife can cook a fish in our kitchen for dinner. I prefer that to swimming around trying to retrieve little flakes of food that someone drops into the tank.

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