Are you Good at Window Film Installations?

My proposal this month is to just love the afternoon and see if I can meet up with some friends later for sunset or possibly a bonfire.

Every one of us had a bonfire Last yearand it was so much fun. Every one of us grilled chicken and drank beers and sang music with our guitars and drums. I have a lot of friends who are artists and they can be entirely fun to hang out with. I just do not love to party that much anymore love I used to, it just wipes myself and others out too much the following afternoon. I’m usually in bed by 10pm. I have some old window film that is coming off and fading and I guess it needs to be replaced. I’ve never had to remove the old stuff, I’ve just done new installations so I’m not sure how easy it is to do. Maybe I can call the store that sells window films and see if they do residential window film replacements because I may cause more damage if I try to do it myself. This film has been on there for years baking in the sunshine and I’m sure it will be a pain to remove along with the danger of toiling with razor blades. My heart is telling myself and others to just have a home window tinting service do the task for myself and others and let myself and others just relax in peace without the risk of getting hurt. I’ve sliced open my hands a few times with razor blades and I don’t want to repeat that incident, it hurt quite a lot.


Window Film Replacements