Arriving HVAC tech

Have you ever been enjoying yourself in a restaurant, but then be ready to leave when the room became too warm? It’s a drag to try to enjoy a nice meal but end up so hot that you become nauseous. A few months ago I took my wife out for what was supposed to be a wonderfully romantic dinner. We arrived to the restaurant and we were seated in a nice cool dining area. We ordered our meal and began eating when I noticed the temperature rise. The room was growing rapidly hot. The a/c clearly stopped working, but instead of someone coming to tell us what happened the restaurant staff said nothing at first. Looking around the room, you could see other patrons grumbling about the heat and getting up to leave. Finally the manager made his rounds to apologize for the discomfort we were experiencing. He said that an HVAC repair guy would be checking out the a/c unit within the hour. He generously offered to pay for our meal if we would not mind staying. The manager brought out wine and dessert for us as the HVAC tech got to work. The HVAC unit turned out to be done for, so we quickly finished our dinner and then we left. We decided to come back to the restaurant a few weeks later and they had a great new a/c unit running. The dining room was comfortably cool and the manager offered us a nice meal on him because of our patience and kindness during the night when the a/c had shut off.