At an after Christmas sale this year, I purchased a up-to-date little heater

This year at an after Christmas sale, I purchased a up-to-date little space gas furnace to keep in our home office.

My home office is up on the top floor of our house in the northeast corner, & for some reason, it just never warms up in there savor it does in the rest of the house.

I recognize that there has to be something wrong with the gas furnace or with something in the ventilation system, because there are no concerns with the Heating & Air Conditioning program anywhere else in the whole house. The rest of the house gets hot & toasty whenever I turn the heating up on the control unit. Meanwhile, the upstairs home office remains about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. Normally, that would not be that much of an issue. It would easily even be nice if it were that way while we were in the summer, but while we were in the Winter time it’s a strange story! During the winter, it gets chilly chilly around here. It’s not much fun to go & crawl in bed at night when the temperature in your home office feels savor it’s 30 degrees! Since there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the heating anywhere else in the house, I am somewhat hesitant to call our local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier to have them come out to try & repair it. I recognize that would cost myself and others a fortune, & so I decided to purchase a up-to-date electric space gas furnace to keep in our home office instead. The little electric space gas furnace is small, but it is getting the task done. It’s much warmer in our room now.

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