At least I have been able to do a little repairs on the HVAC unit

One thing that has been difficult for me is the fact that I wasn’t considered an essential worker when the pandemic came upon us, then my partner on the other hand is considered essential… She definitely works at the grocery store plus I worked in an office, but i’m proud of my partner for being brave plus continuing to work, although I was making a lot of money compared to her, and now both of us don’t have enough income to actually get by.

  • It is a struggle to put food on the table, plus it actually bothers me that I haven’t been able to get our necessary HVAC plan service… Being somebody who is all about taking great care of things in the household, I consistently made sure to get our necessary HVAC plan service.

Now, it’s taxing enough just to afford the air filter changes. Since I have not been able to get the HVAC plan service officially, I definitely decided to look into some DIY HVAC service videos. I have been able to wipe out the HVAC components, however that’s pretty much all I can do for now. I don’t want to try to change any HVAC parts, or risk destroying the HVAC component altogether. I am no HVAC professional. I actually hope our country definitely opens up soon, however both of us keep hearing that the lockdown will be pushed further plus further back. I’m not sure how much longer I can deal with not laboring, plus I don’t suppose if both of us will continue to be able to afford our mortgage at this rate.


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