At least I tried

It honestly never ceases to amaze me that I somehow get punished for trying to go off and do the right thing.

The whole things seems completely upside down and backward to the way things should work.

Attempting to do the proper thing often comes in many forms for sure. There can be many unconsciously fantastic actions as there are conscious attempts. It makes a lot of sense to me that we all have this sort of innate center inside that often helps us determine the fantastic choices. And still it can go oh so wrong, no matter your intent. I am a shining example of this paradigm. I truthfully go and try to do the best by almost everyone however still end up on the wrong side of the situation most of the time. Just recently, I attempted to do the smart thing when it came to our HVAC unit. The gas furnace shut off suddenly the other day on me. I decided to take a look before placing a service call. Maybe it turns out that was the wrong transport right off the bat. However, I genuinely figured that if something was obviously wrong I could at least try to fix it myself. Right away, I saw a burned out valve switch so I simply decided to upgrade it. I went straight to the hardware shop and got help finding the upgradement part. Got back to the apartment and upgraded the faulty part. Easy right? Well, no, clearly not, = because a few months later the gas furnace shut off with a horribly loud sound. The area I used was not of OEM quality so it failed and effectively burned up all of our gas furnace. Now, I’m fighting with the unit warranty people because the warranty stipulates OEM parts installed by certified HVAC professionals. I once again got punished for trying to do the right thing.



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