At least recovery comes with customized HVAC

Well, the idea that I’m somehow bulletproof and unstoppable has been disproven.

And man, does it ever hurt.

Honestly, I didn’t really think that I was somehow super human or anything like that. However, I have always been very adventurous and have always come away unscathed. I really don’t prefer to spend my time inside the air conditioning of my house or a bar. For me, my free time is spent outside of those HVAC comforts and outside. I love biking, hiking, tennis, golf and even some riskier things like downhill mountain biking. There is something so exhilarating about rolling down a mountain just on the edge of control. It’s great until it’s not. And I have now experienced not. Just over a month ago, I once again ventured out of the air conditioning to get my adrenaline on. This was actually a downhill mountain biking competition. And I let my competitiveness override my good sense. This ended in a brutal fall that left me with some fairly serious injuries which eventually required surgery. So instead of being outside, my near term future consists of a whole lot of rest inside the HVAC cooling of my house. I live alone but there are some good friends and family who have checked in on me, brought me food and all that. But one thing I couldn’t do was change the thermostat setting the way I wanted to from my bed. So I had the HVAC company install a smart thermostat. Now I have the smart thermostat app on my phone and can operate it remotely.