Athlete gets nutritious meals delivered

As a professional athlete, I need to keep myself in peak physical form.

As a member of a woman’s league in a growing sport, I don’t make a lot of money at it.

I still need to work a regular job to pay my bills. I can’t afford a personal chef. For the most part, my workouts and nutrition are up to me. In-between practicing with the team, traveling for games, my job and personal training, there isn’t a lot of time leftover. I’m rarely at home and only seldom bother buying groceries. I don’t even own anything beyond the most basic cooking utensils. I don’t know how to cook healthy and delicious dinners. However, I don’t want to eat out or order in. The food from restaurants is typically loaded with fat and calories. I need to be very careful about what I eat to stay fit and healthy. I’ve found that a meal delivery service works well for me. I’m able to choose a meal plan that meets my calorie requirements. I can determine how many meals per week I need and either have them delivered or pick them up. The menu is quite diverse and supplies in-depth nutritional information for each selection. I like that the menu changes every month, providing new options. The food is extremely tasty and the size of the portions is ideal. I sometimes have leftovers that I can use for the lunch the next day. The meal delivery service is so convenient that I’ve recommended it to the other members of the team.


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