Attempting to adjust to northern weather

Having spent a career working in an industry that requires relocation about every 5 years, I have sure done a lot of moving.

It is part of the job but, I have never been fond of all the moving.

It was particularly hard to accept as I was starting out. I’d just start getting to be part of a community when I had to up and leave. My position now requires me to oversee a large chunk of our company. Unfortunately for me, I am now headquartered in the far north of the country. The new job is not as hard as trying to get used to the weather up here. I’m from the sunny South so the HVAC furnace has been my best friend since I moved up here. Our first winter, it was so cold in the house that I could barely get comfortable enough to sleep. I got proactive this year. I had a guy spend 3 days sealing up every square inch of our home. I told him that if there was a crack or a gap, fill it. I also decided that it would be best to invest in a better furnace. Our HVAC tech noted that the furnace was a bit underpowered for our house. The previous owners were attempting to save some money. I like saving money but I like being warm a whole lot better. Besides, I won’t be here forever and a new furnace will be a big selling point for this house when we move on. It was really an easy decision and I’m glad I made it. At least now, I can get warmed up in my home.


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