Back in the summer time the two of us got a free a/c cover

Back in the summer time when the two of us got a current central a/c method installed in our house, the 8 track company gave us a free a/c cover to use while in the winter, then of course, the two of us did not put it on while in the summer time because the two of us were still using our current a/c… Both of us just assumed that it would fit our current air conditioning equipment plus so the two of us kept the cover out in the garage until the weather started cooling off recently, and well, over the past few weeks, the weather has legitimately started cooling off around here plus this weekend the two of us are supposed to be getting some snow, then i decided that it would be a great time for me to go ahead plus put the cover on our current a/c method to protect it from the elements.

I went out to the garage plus searched for the a/c cover until I finally found it, but then I headed out to the backyard to cover up the air conditioning equipment that is back behind the garage. Both of us paid a small fortune for our current high efficiency a/c method plus so the two of us legitimately wanted to make sure that it was protected while in the Wintertide when it’s not going to be in use. I opened up the cover plus went to put it on, plus that is when I realized that the free a/c cover was nothing more than a crucial piece of plastic. Worse than that, it wasn’t even nice, heavy duty plastic. It was more like a sandwich bag! Plus it was too small for the a/c unit. The whole thing was just a joke plus I ended up calling the Heating plus Air Conditioning company to complain about it.



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