Balancing the winter weather with HVAC

It’s a part of the job that I like the least.

The moving from city to city is just the worst part of the job. I once loved it when I was a young man ready to see the world. However, now that I am a husband and father, it is much tougher to keep moving around the country. Plus, it seems like when I get everything just right, it’s time to move again. This time, I finally got the HVAC comfort that I have always wanted and now I have to let it all go. We bought an older home because we loved the architecture and it felt like home as soon as we walked in the door. However, the HVAC system was not only out of date, but it didn’t really make much sense either. It appeared to be a modern system being forced into an older home. There was this modified central air HVAC system that just didn’t cover the house the way it should. During the winter, there were spots in the house that just could not be accessed because those areas were too cold. I mean, there was no going in some rooms without a space heater and even then that might not do it. About six months after we moved in, we met with a very good HVAC contractor who was able to redo the entire HVAC system. The entire duct system was reworked and an HVAC heating method that was sized properly was installed. The results were amazing and our time in that house was the most HVAC comfortable of any I have experienced.



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