Banter on quality air conditioners with my nail technician

Every month just like most girls, I visit my nail tech to get my nails done.

During summer, I love to have colorful nails.

I get my inspiration off the internet and as per my mood. I study a lot of colors and the mood they represent. For the first month of summer, I had opted for a coral blue color because it reminded me of the ocean, which is where I wished I was. As a customer, I called my nail tech the day before and booked my appointment. I worked as an accountant at an air conditioning company, so I could keep my nails as my job did not include physical labor. I arrived at the salon at about noon, my nail tech was just finishing work on another customer. I enjoyed this salon because of how seriously they took the HVAC maintenance of their multi-split air conditioner. This in turn resulted in excellent top-notch air quality. I remember my colleagues, the air conditioning technicians had done the HVAC installation not too long ago. They also fitted a programmable thermostat that had worked excellently according to my nail tech. My nail tech finally started on my nails. He told me that just two days back, the a/c serviceman from the local indoor comfort business had been at the salon to run a comprehensive air conditioning repair as the system had started making unusual noises. My nail tech knows more about air conditioning than I do despite that I work in the cooling industry. I would often forget that my skilled nail tech was once an air conditioning provider for two years and had worked with numerous quality air conditioners. For the rest of the session, we spoke a lot about the AC systems and how to properly manage them.


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