Be extra careful

When you have wood chairs you need to be a bit more careful with them than your standard plastic or metal chairs.

Wood chairs could break pretty fast on you if you do not watch the amount of weight you are putting on them. If you happen to be overweight, I would not suggest getting wood chairs unless you maybe put out the money and have custom wooden chairs made. Because if you have custom wooden chairs made, you could specify that you need the wood to be thick and heavy enough to hold your weight or anyone that may be sitting in them that is a bit overweight. This is what I did because I am overweight. I had some custom built wooden chairs from a custom made furniture outlet. It cost me a lot of money, but these custom built wood chairs are really great and suit my needs in every single way you can imagine. However if you buy pre made wood chairs, you will need to be extra careful in terms of weight and other things. The pre made factory wood chairs can break easy as they are very fragile. I learned this the hard way when I bought a few factory made wood chairs. These did not last very long because they could not withhold my weight and also it seemed that if you moved them a certain way they would get weak and start chipping. Custom made wood chairs are the only way to go!


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