Bear takes down the air conditioning system at home

My partner and I decided to go on holiday last year, and we were gone for 6 weeks, however the two of us have a modern home in the mountains and we go there often while in the summer. The two of us do not normally stay for that long, however we thought it would be nice to get out of the town for a few weeks, but my partner was working hard on a sizable presentation and he didn’t have a single day off for many weeks, however six weeks in the mountains was exactly what the dentist ordered. My partner and I had a associate check on our modern home in the town every few days, just to be particular things were okay, during the last two weeks of our holiday, we gained a phone call from our associate George, he told us that the air conditioning system in the garage, was on the patio. He didn’t recognize what happened, and he asked if we wanted him to contact the police, however i asked George to inspect the air conditioning system and look for any troubles, george called me back a few hours later and told me that he found some unusually large paw prints on the top of the air conditioning system. The two of us have some woods that back up to the house, and I heard there could be bears. I’ve never seen a single, however we haven’t been beach modern home in a few weeks. It’s possible the bear wasn’t scared, because no a single has been on the property for so long. If it was a sizable bear, the air conditioning system was the only problem, nothing else on the property was eve disturbed.


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