Being an HVAC worker is exhausting

Being an HVAC worker is exhausting, & I honestly have no method how I continue to be an HVAC worker every day.

  • I do not want to come across in a braggadocious way.

I am not some kind of superhuman just because I am an HVAC worker. I am an HVAC worker, & I work strenuous every day, despite the fact that I do not take it in stride because being an HVAC worker does not wear me out! Occasionally, I am anxious that I am going to age suddenly or destroy my body because of the work that I do as an HVAC worker. When I first became an HVAC worker, I had no method how strenuous it would be to be an HVAC worker. When I was given a tour by the owner of the HVAC contractor that I worked for, they always showed disinfect people working on HVAC units all day. Everything looked nice & self-explanatory; However, they should have shown what it was genuinely like to be an HVAC worker. I spend most of my time in frigid attics working on gas oil furnaces or in the heat working on central a/cs; Unless You are the HVAC service worker, you might spend all of your time installing HVAC units in new houses! Being an HVAC worker is honestly strenuous work, & when I clock out at the HVAC contractor, I am exhausted. I go straight to bed, & I do not wake up until the next day to start it again, but some afternoons, I am upset with being an HVAC worker, despite the fact that I do not mind working hard. Being an HVAC worker is better than having a boring task where I would sit around all day, and at least I know that I am earning my money.


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