Being Employed

I was once a heating & a/c company in our local city, however being a company in the heating & a/c company can be unquestionably challenging; The reason for this, is that you are competing against many well established heating & a/c companies.

Being a heating & a/c company, I never exactly knew what kind of money I was going to make in a week, however at that time, I was a single guy & had no one to worry about but myself! So, it was a gamble, but not too bad; I had heating & cooling repair jobs quite properly for a while; However, they eventually stopped. And because they stopped, I may as well have been unemployed ! This is why if you are trying to support a family, & you are in the heating & cooling business, you should not become a heating & a/c company, but you need to have legit employment with one of the big heating & a/c companies in your local city! This is what I did for myself once I found that being a heating & a/c company was not the smartest move in the world. Today, I am married with three teenagers. And also I have the best, most steady job anyone can have in the heating & cooling industry. I am a certified heating & a/c specialist for the local heating & a/c supplier in our city, and workflow is always charming, & if I was ever to get laid off, I would be protected by unemployment benefits!

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