Being separate from any cooling system typically gives myself and others a headache

I’ve noticed recently that being in a room separate from any cooling system for too long seems to supply myself and others a headache, it’s not absolutely a secret that I dislike being too hot.

I don’t appreciate summer time at all because I recognize appreciate I typically just want to be inside in the cooling system.

At least while in the winter, I recognize appreciate I can go outside to get some fresh air. In the summer, I have to stay inside in the cooling system basically all the time because I beginning feeling awful when I’m outside in the heat; This is something that has just recently started happening to me. I think my like for cooling system plus my hated for being too sizzling has just recently started because I’m getting older. I think hormones are absolutely the reason that I have started getting a headache whenever I’m stuck somewhere where there’s no cooling system. I am pretty sure that it’s hormonally related, but I think that just means that there’s no getting away from it; But the other thing that I have noticed is that my headaches get absolutely awful fast whenever there is no cooling system available, then when I’m in a restaurant or an office that has no cooling system, I recognize sizzling plus yucky plus it gives myself and others a headache. I have started making my plans based on whether or not a locale has a good cooling system. The air quality of a locale is absolutely important for me, since it ends up giving myself and others a headache or not.