Being without any A/C always gives me a headache

I’ve noticed recently that being in a room without any air conditioning for too long seems to give me a headache.

It’s not really a secret that I hate being too hot.

I don’t enjoy summer at all because I feel like I always just want to be inside in the air conditioning. At least during the winter, I feel like I can go outside to get some fresh air. In the summer, I have to stay inside in the A/C basically all the time because I start feeling awful when I’m outside in the heat. This is something that has just recently started happening to me. I think my love for A/C and my hated for being too hot has just recently started because I’m getting older. I think hormones are probably the reason that I have started getting a headache whenever I’m stuck somewhere where there’s no air conditioning. I am pretty sure that it’s hormonally related, but I guess that just means that there’s no getting away from it. But the other thing that I’ve noticed is that my headaches get really bad fast whenever there is no air conditioning available. When I’m in a restaurant or an office that has no A/C, I feel hot and yucky and it gives me a headache. I have started making my plans based on whether or not a place has a great air conditioning system. The indoor air quality of a place is very important for me, since it ends up giving me a headache or not.


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