Benefits of HVAC tech for friend – free repairs

Sometimes it pays to know the right people.

I’m sure we’ve all heard that before in our lifetimes.

It’s an old adage that’s unfortunately true, whether it comes to finding a new house, Landing your dream job with a lucrative company, or getting the products and services that you need in life. I can attest to this, I am a major fan of collecting friends and maintaining friendships that might pay off down the line. I have a friend in every major service you can imagine. I have an electrician, I have a mechanic, and of course… I have an HVAC technician friend. I think the HVAC technician might be my favorite of all. It’s not that his personality is better, it’s that his services are. If you’re not aware of it, Heating and Cooling equipment is extremely expensive. It’s expensive to buy and it’s expensive to maintain. It’s also expensive to repair. Do you know what helps? Having a friend who knows how to do everything for free. My Buddy Joe is the best guy I know because he is always on call when it comes to my heating and cooling disasters. I happen to have some pretty expensive HVAC equipment because I’ve been blessed with awful indoor allergies and Asthma. My air quality is extremely important to my health. As such, I really can’t have my HVAC system going down at any point. I used to rack up a lot of expensive emergency overage charges for my airmedia purifier and dehumidification system. But since I’ve become good friends with Joe, I don’t think I’ve spent a dime on my HVAC system in months.It matters who you know.

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