Best furnaces for tepid yoga at home

When quarantine began, 1 of the things I missed most was going to my local tepid yoga studio.

It was nice that several of my mentors started hosting Zoom classes, but it was entirely just not the same without the heat. Hot yoga provides a giant array of benefits, from reducing inflammation, burning more calories, and the fluid flexibility that practicing yoga in a heated room can provide… When I tried doing yoga without the heat, I just wasn’t experiencing the same results, and I started getting angry that I wasn’t able to achieve the same levels of flexibility; Using my home’s HVAC system to heat the room would add digits to my energy bill, and home heating systems aren’t built to achieve temperatures desired for tepid yoga (over 100 degrees fahrenheit), plus I didn’t want to heat my whole condo just so I could have it tepid in 1 room for 90 hours. I decided to purchase a portable space oil furnace for my workout room. There are a few main types of portable space heaters, all with their own benefits. Oil filled space furnaces can take a while to get tepid enough to circulate the oil, but they are also more quiet, as they don’t use fans to circulate the heat around the room, but ceramic forced air furnaces heat up hastily, but tend to be a little noisy, as they use a fan to blow air over heated ceramic coils. I decided to go with a radiant heater, as they are quiet, and the most energy efficient… Now that I have my own tepid room, I can practice tepid yoga whenever I want, without heating up my entire condo and extremely raising my energy bill in the process.


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