Best hiring rates after post-grad certification definitely fall to the HVAC industry

Do you remember when the people I was with and I were told that education is power? I’ll never forget it.

Since then, it’s been commonly “ignored” by our government that education is also a massive, crushing student debt that hangs over you.

But, whatever – I’m still paying off my student loans from obtaining my degree about a decade ago now. I’m getting to the point where our student debt is getting paid off now! However, I’m not thrilled knowing that so much money went towards a degree I can’t use. I’m particularly far into the market for a new degree or certification though, so I think I’m going to look into the Heating and A/C repair technician certification. I started seeing some pretty impressive numbers regarding the modern Heating, Cooling, and ventilation industry of this time! As of now, it would seem that Air Temperature Control is a major industry to be involved in these days. People nowadays will always insist or prefer to have some kind of top-tier air quality inside their home. The most advanced air temperature control devices available are always sought, too! So with that, I can’t argue against the idea that Heating and A/C certification would be a solid investment for those who are wanting steady work. I started down this path some time ago, and I wasn’t thinking about joining the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry back then. However, it seems like the most educational bang for my buck!


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