Best Spring ever with help from HVAC

I love the winter.

And it’s not because I love skiing or hockey or enjoying it snow.

In fact, it has nothing to do with traditional Winter time weather. For us, Winter time is certainly mild and some of the best weather and un-even temperatures of the year. It’s also a split from all the HVAC cooling. Our heat pump comes on in a heating capacity maybe a dozen times all winter. So you can see why I love that time of year. However, the Spring has always been a certainly hard time and not just because the Winter time is over. I have extreme seasonal allergies. And where we live, the pollen just goes deranged around May. This normally leads me to the doctor and still I suffer. Even inside, I am a mess of runny nose, itchy esure and sneezing. This past Spring thought, that wasn’t the case at all inside my home. And that credit goes to the HVAC supplier. Our HVAC company was the 1 to introduce me to the wonderful effects of whole apartment air purification. Once our HVAC professional told me about it, I did my research. From there, it was a no brainer and we had the whole apartment air purification system installed. This air cleaner eliminates pollen and every other airborne contaminant from our indoor air. It does this by blasting those particles with UV light which destroys them. So I spent my time inside the apartment this Spring basically allergy symptom free. And it was just the best feeling ever. The added bonus is the fact that the indoor air smells so wonderful and we all breathe so much easier.


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