Better health with better indoor air quality

It only took a pandemic for me to get really serious about my health. That’s a shame in itself but the truth nonetheless. For some reason, I have put off getting in shape and taking care of myself for years now. But now that I’m in my early fifties, to continue down that road would be dangerous. As much as I love coming home, cracking a beer and sitting the air conditioning, that was a recipe for disaster if I didn’t change my behavior. Still, I just couldn’t seem to find any sort of motivation to stay consistent. I was forever starting and stopping when it came to improving my health. But the pandemic and the state of my immune health really scared me straight. I started to take my health more seriously. And my respiratory health was included. What I learned was that the indoor air quality of our homes dictate a lot of our respiratory health. I thought just having HVAC would be enough. I didn’t realize that unless I had HEPA air filters, my air wasn’t getting filtered. The cheap HVAC air filters I have always purchased only protect the HVAC equipment. As part of my efforts to get more focused on my health, I called the HVAC company to see what I could do about the indoor air quality. The HVAC professional I spoke with was very helpful and really explained air purification and my options. I chose to go with the whole home air purification system. This way, there is something working in conjunction with the HVAC equipment to clean the air throughout the house. That was very appealing to me. And man, does it ever work.



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