Better indoor air means better health

There is no doubt that I have been subconsciously neglectful with regard to taking care of my health.

There were the evident things like diet and exercise for sure.

But there were other underlying health effects that I wasn’t paying attention to either. And 1 of those got solved with a call to the HVAC supplier. It was the HVAC professional that turned our indoor air quality into an active wonderful thing for our health. And it only took a pandemic to have that happen. When the whole thing started to become as extreme in Spring of 2020, I was terrified. Mostly I was terrified due to the fact that my health just wasn’t certainly good. I was overweight, sedentary and my immune response wasn’t all that it should be. So I immediately tried to find solutions to help me improve my health in order to be able to argument the virus if I got it. What stunned me was just how much the indoor air quality of my apartment could do to help me. I l gained that air purification and HEPA air filters could entirely make a difference. Neither of those existed in my home. So I called the HVAC supplier to have them install a whole apartment air purification system. This thing is remarkable. It sits inside the HVAC device where it then treats all the air coming from the HVAC return. The air cleaner hits all this incoming air with intense UV light. This light then destroys the DNA of any and all airborne contaminants. So now, I don’t have a myriad of airborne hazards banging away at my respiratory system. And that allows my immune response to strengthen and my overall health to be much better.


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