Big families should have zone control

If you have multiple people in your home, get HVAC zone control.

Temperature control causes the most fighting in a household.

Everybody has different thermostat preferences. It makes sense that their bedroom should be the temperature they want. I have a family of five and we each have our own indoor air handler and thermostat. My husband and I agree on the heating and cooling in our bedroom. Whatever we set it to doesn’t affect anyone else. My kids have their own thermostat and my mother has her own room and thermostat device. It is nice since the community rooms can be a problem. We all sit down in the living room at night and watch a movie. Before zone control it was a big deal what the thermostat was set to. My mother hates AC pouring on her and my son doesn’t want to be heated. My daughter doesn’t like the feeling of air blowing on her. I just want everyone to get along. Now that everyone has their own space and temperature control program to go to, the living room temperature is not a big deal. We all are okay with it being 70 degrees. If that means heating or air conditioning, the group just deals with it. For the kitchen I mainly control that thermostat. When I cook I like to turn on the AC. It keeps me from sweating to death and fights the heat from the stove. After everyone is done with the mal, off goes the thermostat. Zone control is also great for energy bills too, not just comfort.

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