Big party almost had an HVAC casualty

It was the air conditioning in the barn

Living way out in the country comes with some big pluses. The biggest plus of all perhaps is the privacy. It’s nice to live smack in the middle of 48 acres that I own. This means no neighbors wandering over to see what’s happening when the HVAC company van is in the driveway. I can’t really imagine what that has to be like. But I’ve sure heard the stories. I prefer my neighbors to be all the resident flora and fauna around my house. The other nice thing about living way out is one can throw a huge party and not have the cops show up for noise complaints. And I have a great spot for doing just this. I have a great big barn that I finished off inside and it even has heating and cooling inside. That comes in handy where we live. It gets downright hot in the summer so some good HVAC cooling is always an essential. But since I have the air conditioned barn and tons of space, I tend to be the one who hosts the big parties. It’s normally just a really good time. My friends usually show up with campers or tents to stay the weekend. We’ve always had fun and there have never been any sort weird behavior that wrecked a weekend. Although we nearly had a straight up casualty. But it wasn’t a person. It was the air conditioning in the barn. Somehow, a big tarp got draped over the HVAC cabinet outside the barn. But some good eyes caught it before it could fully choke out the HVAC equipment.
air conditioning worker