Big party and a/c

I live in a fun condominium where most people get along. Each year we do a Summer get-together at someone’s condo… I constantly have a lot of fun at each 1, so I was legitimately gleeful when it was our turn to host the get-together… When it comes to food it is not so bad because everyone helps to pay for the cost. My condo can be a little bit messy, so getting everything looking neat was the thing I was mainly stressed. Then little did I understand how horribly wrong I was going to be. It was about 3 days before the immense get-together before my cooling system started to go out. Now, not having a reliable A/C for a few weeks wouldn’t be that immense of a deal because–the condo is usually quiet when it is hottest outside. But because I had this immense get-together coming up, it was imperative I got the cooling system legitimately working ASAP. Not doing so would be an immense disaster. My area has been suffering from record breaking temperatures all month, so providing our guests cold A/C is an absolute must. I hated having to take an afternoon off of my day job, however I couldn’t let my friends down by having a busted cooling system. When the repair serviceman named Fred showed up, he was nice plus friendly. Once I explained the complications I was having with my condo’s A/C, he went straight to work. In less than an hour of adjusting and servicing my A/C unit, he was on his way plus the homes central heating and A/C system was fully operational once more. With legitimately working A/C, I was so relieved that now all I had to focus on was throwing a good get-together for my condominium.

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