Bike ride for a workout

I love to ride my bicycle for exercise.

The bike is a great way to get outdoors, burn a good number of calories and yet avoid stressful impact on my joints.

If I run or jump rope too often, I have problems with my feet, ankles and knees. My bike has a comfortable seat, a holster for my phone on the handlebars and a mount for a water bottle. I added a basket on the front so that I can run errands and carry along a sweat-towel. There is a bike path that runs over sixty miles located right near my house. The path is paved, prohibits motorized vehicles and winds through a wooded area. It is a gorgeous ride with plenty of scenery to appreciate. I really enjoy feeling the sunshine on my skin and breathing fresh air. A bike ride always puts me in a good mood. I play music while I ride and often sing along. I can increase the intensity of the workout by shifting to a higher gear or pedaling faster. Sometimes I ride my bike for several hours. Most of the time, I ride twenty minutes to reach an athletic field. The athletic field provides bathroom facilities, shaded areas, paved sidewalks and the grass field. I usually spend about 40 minutes working out at the athletic field. I stretch, run wind sprints and do lunges, squats and ab crunches. I then hop back on my bike and ride home. Although it is a strenuous workout, I feel energized afterward. I am fortunate that the weather in my local area accommodates outside activities just about year round. There is rarely a day when it is too cold or wet to ride my bike.

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