Billy wanted to start a commercial cleaning company in his hometown

Billy wasn’t quite into books while in school.

The only topics that seemed to pique his interest were business-related.

He was good at sports, and that occupied a lot of his time after school. But for his senior year, he opted out of the football team and got work at a local mall. Billy knew he wanted to do business after school. His mom was quite supportive and encouraged him to get some experience. He worked at the mall part-time during school and full-time in summer. Then after graduation, he joined a local community college to pursue business courses at night. During the day, he worked full time to save up for his ambitions. Finally, the time came for him to graduate and set up a company. Billy had noticed the town was growing but lacked a commercial cleaning company. There were small enterprises in the area, but he wanted to set up a one-stop-shop for all cleaning services. That included business cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and even floor stripping. He began studying all the information necessary and even hired a guy who’d worked for a commercial floor cleaning service in the city. They hit the ground running after landing a contract at one of the biggest businesses in town to offer daily janitorial service. Billy hired the staff and took them through training repeatedly. The first few weeks were taught because there was a lot to figure out, including logistics and where to source the best cleaning products. But after two months, Billy had a routine set and was even getting inquiries from other places in need of office cleaning.

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